Our pricing is very competitive with other comparable photo libraries.                                                                                      

All Hedgehog House images are licensed and rights managed. Our prices are based on how each image is to be used, for example;
•           How the image will be used (in a brochure, magazine, book cover, billboard, museum display)
•           How many copies (print run or ciculation of the publication)
•           Territory/distribution (world-wide, NZ only, North America)
•           Image size (full page, half page, website banner)
•           Duration (1 year, 6 months, life of edition)

 Because there are so many variables it is difficult to publish an accurate price list here!


•           Provide the image number off our website.
•           Tell us as much as you can about how you plan to use the image (see above).
•           We will send you a quote by return email.

Thanks - we look forward to hearing from you! 
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At Hedgehog House Photo Library 'rights managed' does not have to mean more expensive than 'royalty free' - just request a quote and see!
We also offer volume discounts.

What is 'rights managed' and what are the benefits?

Rights managed image licensing specifies how, when and where an image may be used. You purchase the right to use the image only as specified. 

We record all licenses and are able to advise you of the licensing history of images you may wish to use. For those interested in protecting against competitive or conflicting use, we offer exclusive licensing within a given territory or for a specified use.

The large diversity and high quality of our images ensures our collection is a very functional and reliable source - you can order our rights managed images with confidence.