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Hedgehog House photographers have climbed on several Alaska peaks including Denali,(Mt McKinley),Hunter,Huntington as well as others in the Lower 48 states, Rainier, Tetons, Yosemite etc. Aspects of rock climbing, skiing and mountaineering expeditions covered. see also gallery on North American wildlife, bears, wolves, moose, deer etc. "Denali remains unique among the mountains of the world. Situated at latitude 63 North, it is the highest point near the Arctic Circle. Piercing the central plain of Alaska, Denali is buffeted by storms from the Gulf of Alaska and from the Bering Sea. In few mountain locales of the world does the weather change so precipitously and dramatically. A balmy day of glacier travel can rapidly deteriorate into a day of survival snowcave digging. The intense cold is, of course, another unique feature of Denali, comparable only to the Antarctic ranges. The Himalaya is tropical by comparison." Dr Peter Hackett in Jonathan Waterman's Surviving Denali.

Mount Rainier at sunrise from White Pass, ..

Denali and the Alaska Range are reflected ..

Reflection Pond with Denali on the horizon ..
Model Released
Campsite under Mt Foraker, lower Kahiltna ..

Skier under Mt Hunter from upper Kahiltna ..

Alaska range, from the air, near Anchorage

Denali, South Face, Cassin Ridge from Kahiltna ..

El Capitan, Yosemite National Park, California

Face of El Capitan and Merced River in winter, ..

Sunset on Mount Baker (3,285 m), an active ..

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