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Sacred Mountains

Hedgehog House photographers have images of many of the world's sacred mountains and spiritual places of pilgrimage for the religions of Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, North American Indians etc - including Mt Kailas, Kailash, Aoraki, Mt Cook, Kilimanjaro, Shivling, Denali, (Mt McKinley), Everest (Chomolungma, Sagarmatha). "Manosarovar, the lake created from the mind of Brahma, is the holiest in the world...called by the Tibetans Tso Mapham - the 'unconquered' or 'precious lake' - is 14,950 feet above the sea and its waters are sweet, not salt as are so many lakes in Tibet. Very blue it was as we saw it in the continuous deluge of sunlight which so often illumines this country north of the cloud-gathering Himalaya - its extended coasts were bright gold, with the glaciers of Gurla,25,350 feet, to the south and the snow-capped cone of still more famous kailas to the north...This peak, 22,028 feet, is arrestingly isolated, solitary: a great pyramid of black rock capped with snow. It is Ti-se of the Tibetans, sometimes written of as Kangchen Rimpoche, the Precious Ice Mountain, the centre of the universe." Tom Longstaff...This My Voyage, 1950.

Mount Kailas northeast face at dawn, centre ..

Clearing storm over Mt Kailas and evening ..

Mani stone and Mt Gurla Mandhata from Chiu ..

Shivling (6543m) above Bhagirarthi River ..

Aoraki Mt Cook south face, aerial view ..

Gaurishankar, aerial view, Nepal

Chiu monastery above Lake Manosarovar with ..

Moon rising over West Ridge as three climbers ..

Aoraki Mt Cook and Mt Tasman, aerial view ..
Model Released
Mount Everest, Kangshung Face at dawn, Tibet

Sunset on south west face of Mount Everest, ..

Morning mist clears from Mt Everest Kangshung ..

Everest, above Nuptse-Lhotse wall, from ..

Commemorative cross on Little Matterhorn, ..

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