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New Zealand's


New Zealand's

 © Colin Monteath

Published by David Ling Publishers.
Text and Photographs by Colin Monteath.

An evocative portrayal of the recreational activities, the beauty and the moods of the country's mountain heartlands in both summer and winter. 

   Published by David Ling Publishers.
Text and Photographs by Colin Monteath.

An evocative portrayal of the recreational activities, the beauty and the moods of the country's coastal regions from the tip of the North Island all the way to southernmost reaches of Stewart Island.



Vanishing Wilderness
of Antarctica


Under a Sheltering Sky  
Journeys to Mountain Heartlands


National Geographic Traveler

Guide to New Zealand


Published in English, German, French and Italian by White Star (Italy).
Text by Colin Monteath.
Hedgehog House principal source of imagery.


   Published by Hedgehog House, 2005.
Text and Photographs by Colin Monteath.

12 Chapters of essays, photographs and painted maps.

Covers expeditions from 1993 - 2003.
Chapters on New Zealand, Patagonia, Antarctica,
Greenland, Alaska, Bhutan, Tibet, Nepal,
China and Mongolia.

*Shortlisted at Banff Mountain Book Festival 2004. 
Published in the USA and UK as Climb Every Mountain.
Signed copies: $NZ50.00 + postage

Published by National Geographic Books, USA, 2009.
Text by Peter Turner. 
Photography by Colin Monteath.



Readers Digest ~ Antarctica
Great Stories from the
Frozen Continent


Hall & Ball 
Kiwi Mountaineers
from Mount Cook toEverest


Lonely Planet

  Coordinated, edited and largerly written
by Edwin Barnard of Capricorn Press.
Principal photographer and some chapters
written by Colin Monteath.
Later editions published in USA and France.

Still regarded as the most authoratative
survey of Antarctic exploration and voyages
and the best collection of historic prints from archives and institutions around the world.

*Extremely limited stock of 1st & 2nd
(revised with additional chapter)
Australasian edition.
Price upon request.
   Published by Hedgehog House, 1997.
USA edition published by Cloudcap, Seattle, 1997.
Text by Colin Monteath. 

Photographs by Colin and Hall & Ball Archive.

Hall & Ball is illustrated biography of two of
New Zealand's most famous mountaineers,
Gary Ball & Rob Hall.

* Winner of national book cover award 1998.
Limited stock available of 1st New Zealand edition.
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Signed Deluxe Limited Edition in Slipcase
(extremely limited supply)
Price upon request.
  Published in Lonely Planet, Melbourne, 1993 and now in 4th Edition 2009.
Edited by Jeff Rubin

Colin's section of this guidebook is a history of  private
expeditions to Antarctica.




New Zealand
Land at the End of the Earth



Beyond the Southern Ocean


Wild Ice
Antarctic Journeys


Published by White Star Italy in five languages.
Text by Colin Monteath.
Principal photographic source Hedgehog House



Published by David Bateman NZ, 1996, 2005. Text and photographs by Colin Monteath.

Photographs span Colin's work at Scott Base for the New Zealand Antarctic Research Programme plus his involvement with adventure tourism on the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia and the Ross Sea.

Includes comparative photography from the Arctic.

*Shortlisted for the Montana Book Awards 1997. Also published in the USA and UK.

2005 Reprint: $NZ50.00 + postage

Published by Smithsonian Institution Press,  Washington, 1990 in USA, UK and in New Zealand by Hedgehog House.

Also published in France (Eternal Antartique), Germany ( Die Antarktis Lebt) and in The Netherlands (Wereld van Ijs).

Colin's section of this book "Beyond the Stained-Glass Sea" covers his ten seasons at New Zealand's Scott Base 1973-1983 including essays on his involvement with the kiwi huskies, with His Royal Highness Prince Edward in the Dry Valleys, the 1978 descent into
Mt Erebus inner crater and the 1979
Air New Zealand crash on Ross Island

*Extremely limited stock of 1st New Zealand edition.
*Very few copies were ever signed by all four authors. Price upon request.