Q1 - How do I search for images?

Our search engine looks at each image's keywords ie subject, location, photographer's name and image serial number.
Type into the search box on the top right hand side of the website, words that are relevant to your project.
You can also type more than one word, for instance, if you were looking for a mountain in New Zealand with snow, you would type in the search box: mountain new zealand snow             
Do not use commas or apostrophes and also be aware that sometimes subjects are known by two names such as: Mt Cook / Aoraki.

Q2 - What is the  advanced search function?

This allows you to narrow down your search results by searching on specific elements. You could select an individual photographer or subject and also choose whether the search looked for images that were vertical or horizontal.  Also you can edit out certain keywords, for instance if you wanted to see landscape images with no rain, you would go to the "keywords" section of advanced search. And type into the box "with any of the words" landscape. You would then go to the box "without the words" and type rain

Note: Keywords are now clickable and will bring all images on the site..eg click on keyword silhouette will bring up some 400 images. You can then Search within results to narrow down the range of images.

Q3 - How do I request a quote?

- Provide the image number off our website
- Tell us as much as you can about how you plan to use the image*
- We will send you a quote by return email

- Register/login on our website
- Put the image/s you are interested in into a lightbox
- Tick the box beside any images you wish to receive a quote for
- Click on the 'Complete Quote Request' button and fill in the form
- We will send you a quote by return email

Q4 - How do I order images?

Request a quote (see Q3 above). Once the price has been agreed and you confirm your order your image/s will be made available for you to download.

Q5 - How do I pay for images I have ordered?

First-time clients need to pay by credit card - visa or mastercard. The card details ( full name, numbers and expiry date) can be given over the phone to our sales manager.
Regular clients pay by cheque or direct transfer of funds to our bank account due on the 20th of the month following date of invoice.

Q6 - Can I view an unwatermarked image?

Customers who have purchased images before from Hedgehog House will have their registration upgraded. This allows them to view unwatermarked images and click on the link download comp image. 

Q7 - What is a "comp" image?

Comp images are screen-sized low-resolution images which clients may use free of charge to create a layout and mock-up design prior to committing to a purchase. Once your registrations status has been upgraded, you can click on a thumbnail image to see a larger preview. Above the preview is a link download comp image. Click on this link, to have the image download on your screen, then save to your desktop. On a pc, right click your mouse and “save picture as”. On a mac, click on the image and drag to your desktop.

Q8 - What is a Buyer Protected Rights Managed image?

The buyer of a rights managed image receives a degree of protection by knowing the image's previous sales history. Any image purchased is licensed for a specific use, which is determined by your requirements. The price is based on useage depending on factors such as how and where the image is to be used, how many copies and for what period of time.
Discounted multi-use licenses are also available, where the image may be used for a number of applications. For a full explanation see terms and conditions at the bottom of the home page. See also the pricing  link at the bottom of the home page.

Q9 - What is a lightbox?

After you have registered with Hedgehog House and created your own Username and Password you may build your own lightbox, adding or deleting images that have caught your eye while making image searches ( Click on link under each thumbnail image). Your lightbox is unique to you and no-one else can view it unless you give them your login details. You can also create two or more lightboxes eg an individual one for each chapter of a book

Note: You are under no obligation to purchase images which you have added to your lightbox(es), or have requested a quote for.

Images added to a lightbox will remain there until you delete them or until you delete the lightbox. So you can safely leave our site and come back another day and your lightbox will still be there.

Q10 - How do I add images to my lightbox?

If you see an image you like while searching, add it to your Lightbox in one of the following ways:
-       From the search results page, click on the 'Add to Lightbox' icon  which will add the image to your active lightbox.
-       From the pop-up window displaying the enlarged preview image click on the 'Add to Lightbox' link which will add the image to your active lightbox


 Q11 -  What is a Active Lightbox? 

At the top-left of your search results page, you will see your Active Lightbox displayed along with the number of images it contains. When you click the 'Add to Lightbox' icon beneath the thumbnail image on the search results page or on the enlarged preview image, it will be added to this Lightbox.

 If you wish to add images to another lightbox, click on the down arrow of the Active Lightbox to select the preferred lightbox. Then click on the  'Add to Lightbox' icon for the image you have chosen.

Q12 - How do I view images in my lightbox?

Once you have added images to your lightbox, you can go to that lightbox by clicking on either the lightbox tab or on the "View xx images in this lightbox" link.

 This will take you to your active lightbox, displaying all the images you have added.

 From your lightbox you can:

-       Delete images from the lightbox which you no longer require for consideration
-       Create a new lightbox (you can have as many different lightboxes as you require)
-       Rename a lightbox
-       Delete a lightbox that you no longer require
-       Request a quote

 Q13 - How do I create a new lightbox?

Click on the create new lightbox  below your active lightbox. Give your lightbox a name.
You are able to create new lightboxes and then add images to each lightbox as you search. Remember to change your Active Lightbox to the one you want.